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My name is Cleber Sales Pereira, I’m a freelancer of 3D animation, working as 3D generalist with focus on animation.

I am 38 years old graduated in Digital Design and I live in Brazil.

I started my career after participating in a 3DS Max course and my first opportunity was in an event company were I could participate of movie launching campaigns, create, design and produce recreational spaces (Mall) and corporative events.

After some time I changed of area and started to work with architecture illustration and could participate in all the steps, from cleaning the AutoCAD files to post-production using Photoshop.

At the same time I was studying and reading about animation and decided to take courses about animation and motion graphics and started my bachelor in Design Digital.

I had the opportunity to work with animation for indoor media participating in all steps from modeling to post-production in after effect.

In my last jobs, I had the opportunity to work in VR and PC games development . I love learning new thing I open to new opportunities.

For the future, I will keep studying and producing personal contents to share.