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My name is Cleber Sales Pereira, I’m living in Brazil and working as a 3D generalist with a focus on animation for over 10 years. 

I started my career after participating in a 3DS Max course and my first opportunity was in an event company where I could participate in movie launching campaigns, create, design and produce recreational spaces (Mall) and corporate events.

Later I started to working with the architecture illustration and I was able to improve my skills in 3DS Max and learn about Autocad, Vray, Photo treatment and concepts about lighting, photography, color balance and composition on Photoshop and Adobe After Effect.

At the same time I decided to take courses about animation and motion graphics and started my bachelor in Design Digital.

I had the opportunity to work with animation for indoor media with video editing and animations where I managed to improve my skill in rigging and character animation. I also gave support in the composition area using Adobe After Effect and Autodesk Combustion.

Currently, I work as 3D Generalist in an advertising agency specialized in mobile media. As a generalist, I work in all steps from brainstorming to post-production.

In 2021 I started a course focused on animation at Onfire School. My goal has always been to work only in animation. This course helped me in this objective and now my main profession is a professional 3D animator at Puga Studio.

Cleber Sales