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Nature Museum

I’ve started at the company  and this project was om final dieadline.
Video: Museum of nature Dinosaur:
I was responsible for lookdev and fix some animations

Video: Museum of nature Devorian and Silurian:
I was responsible for rigging and  creature animation.

Cliente: Archimidia
Direction: André Wissinbach and Alessandre Guidara
Modeling: Mauro Muyano
Environment: Alessandre Guidara
Rigging: Joaquim Luciano, Cleber Sales
Animation: Cleber Sales and various freelancers (sorry, I don’t have names)
Lighting: Alessandre Guidara and Cleber Sales (only Dinosaurs)
Composition:  Alessandre Guidara and Cleber Sales


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Nature Museum

The animation video made for Museum of Nature in Piai, Brazil.

Animation for Nature Museum